Colored Pencils for SUPERFANS!

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The Colors of Springfield

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Other SUPERFAN Favorites

What's the Deal with Colored Pencils?

Yada Yada Yada! This is the PEFECT set for Seinfeld fans! It's real...and it's SPECTACULAR!

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United Colors of Democracy

Attention Democrats: This themed set is for you!

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Grand ol' Pencils

Republicans delight! This set of 12 GOP-themed colored pencils is for you!


PERFECT for fans of all ages!

Adults and kids will love these custom colored pencils. Each color is imprinted with a message that true fans can relate to!

These are so much fun!

Jimmy C.

I bought 6 to give to my son's friends for birthday gifts!

Ellen P.

I hope you do them for my favorite football and basketball teams soon!

Anthony C.